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Saving time & money by owning your Data Analytics Stack
Marketing attribution capabilities now in-house, saving over £2,000 per month.
Dashboard load times reduced 5 minutes to < 1 minute with new Kleene/Snowflake/Looker stack
5 Shopify sites consolidated into 1 dashboard enabling constant monitoring.


Spoke is a Direct to Consumer (D2C) menswear brand, offering a focused edit of properly made clothes – aimed at delivering a flawless fit. By offering 20 times more sizes than the average brands, they carve out a sweet spot between bespoke, tailoring and ready to wear fashion. They provide customers with what they really want, clothes that fit, feel and look great. Built to fit, refined by design and delivered to the customers door. This customer centric approach drives the requirement to be a data-driven organization. Spoke started to use data to track performance. They wanted to measure themselves against targets, making sure that the business was running smoothly, as planned and presenting results. However, the main focus was to identify priorities in a resource constrained business to drive growth, as their exec was focussed on staying close to the numbers on a day to day basis. They wanted to create a sophisticated and streamlined tech stack that was scalable as they organically grow the business.
Industry: Retail
Employees: 150+
I think one of the most important parts is that now my job has completely changed. I can now actually use all this data that’s been perfectly prepared and actually analyze it which is what I’m here to do, like drive value for the company. It’s been really great as well because we’ve been able to bring a lot of our marketing channels’ performance in house, which means we don’t need agencies that we’ve been paying a lot of money for.
Alisha Sukhwani – Commercial Analytics

The Challenge

There was a clear requirement for a data solution across their business. There was an appetite for investment into innovative digital technologies and tools, however, with an increasing number of data sources, the inability to join these up in a scalable way became more obvious.

Spoke also had a complex legacy data stack, which needed streamlining and optimizing in order to be more efficient and scalable. Spoke had a small data team that supported the whole business, like most companies limited in resources, they were looking for a solution that was easy to maintain and manage.

Lastly, they required this migration to a new data warehouse and tech stack to be quick and seamless and therefore were able to leverage Kleene professional services to support.

The Solution

Having data in more than one place can be difficult to keep track of everything. Spokes raw data was unstructured and held in temporary tables often cobbled together without efficiency in mind, due to their transforms and data warehouse being built essentially in a BI tool. Consequently their BI tool performance was impacted, resulting in no scalability.

Kleene were able to build a robust and scalable data pipeline. A single source of truth was now accessible to provide the team with any given metric and data set required, in real time, whilst reducing the risk of human error. Kleene centralized Spokes data sources into the platform, providing Spoke the opportunity to bring some rigor and governance to that data modeling layer.

Kleene, is leveraging the power of cloud computing allowing companies to manipulate very large sets of data quickly, efficiently and scalable. Since Spoke wanted to solve all their issues in one go, they opted to go with Kleene before any other company.
“When we met Kleene we got the feeling that we were working with a partner. We loved the idea of partnering with like minded companies. As a organization of similar size, they understand what we are trying to achieve”

The Results

Spokes BI tool load time was significantly improved, and Spoke now has a platform to build on sustainably throughout growth plans. The engagement with data around the business is constantly increasing, with teams now able to access the right data, when they need it. This access to all the data they need is allowing Spoke to embark on their strategic projects including customer segmentation and customer attribution modeling. 

The Kleene vision is to make business insights a commodity, not a privilege. We combine all data sources in one place, translate them into one language and organize everything to make it easier for your teams to work with. Ready to transform your organization?

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