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Swoon Case Study
Case Study


Building a data warehouse to drive complete operational measurement: Swoon
160 hours per month in manual reporting and processes saved
Return rate reduced by 31.5%.
OTIF improved by 8%


Swoon, a British ecommerce furniture brand, is renowned for its distinctive, beautifully crafted furniture and accessories. Known for its design-centric approach, Swoon’s mission is to make every home remarkable through distinctive designs that are well-crafted and fairly priced. Despite a reputation for delivering great furniture designs, Swoon faced significant data challenges, which they turned to to resolve.
Industry: Retail & FMCG
Employees: 50+
We wanted a partner who understood the end to end data journey - architecture for storage, data modelling and visualisation - following a recommendation from a respected industry insider, we chose
Rachel Ha - Head of Finance, Swoon

The Challenge

Swoon had a crucial problem to solve: they couldn't get a clear understanding of their logistics and supply chain data to figure out how to optimise their key performance indicators.

Their goals were to decrease product returns, guarantee timely deliveries, and preserve high product quality standards - all critical elements in keeping their customers satisfied. To achieve these goals, they had to identify and launch data initiatives that would add real business value and boost the profitability of their products.

But they were facing more obstacles. Manual tasks and generating reports were taking up an overwhelming amount of time, as much as 160 hours each month. This was a major problem because it meant their team were too focussed on day to day tasks rather than value-add activities to improve business performance.

To sum it up, Swoon needed a solution that could help them handle their data effectively, pinpoint and put into action valuable initiatives, and ultimately increase SKUs profitability.

The Solution

Swoon found a solution in, a data value platform that promised to deliver efficiency, data accuracy, and actionable insights. offered an innovative solution that not only improved the accuracy and efficiency of data management but also helped in streamlining operations, creating initiatives that drove value and enhancing decision-making processes. 

Using, Swoon could consolidate all their company data,  automate reporting, and implement strategic initiatives that leveraged machine learning for supply chain and logistics management, and provided reliable data for effective decision-making. 

In addition,'s data-driven actionable insights enabled Swoon to monitor and grade supplier performance, contributing to an overall improvement in product quality.

The Results

Manual processes automated
Implementing led to a transformative change in Swoon’s operations. Notably, there was a significant reduction in the return rate, which fell by 31.5%. This drastic decrease was a direct result of improved product quality and better decision-making, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and profitability. 
Using Kleene we were able to reduce return rate by 31.5%, accelerate our reporting cycle and hugely improve our data accuracy - Rachel Ha - Finance Director Swoon
Additionally, Swoon's on-time delivery rate (OTIF) improved by 8%, enhancing their service quality and further solidifying customer trust. Lastly, Swoon made substantial efficiency gains, saving 160 hours per month in manual reporting and processes. This resulted in freeing up valuable time for the team to focus on strategic tasks, promoting business growth and productivity.

Through the use of, Swoon was able to turn challenges into opportunities, achieving significant logistics and supply chain results.

This case study stands as a testament to the power of leveraging data effectively and the transformative effects of digitising manual processes. With, Swoon is now better positioned to grow, continue delivering high-quality products, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

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