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Products optimisation AI

Fix your unfulfilled orders and stockout problems

Leverage one single AI tool to forecast consumer demand and improve inventory planning achieving higher sell-through rates and reduced stockout across all your SKUs
G2 Awards - the leader in summer 2019
4.5 out of 5 stars on
Predict consumer demand for everything you sell
Trusted by data driven companies such as

Forecast demand, improve fill-rate and reduce stockout

Get insight into the factors that drive demand, and ensure you always have the right stock in the right place at the right time thanks to AI
AI Demand Forecasting
Products Optimisation AI

AI Demand Forecasting

Optimise your resource allocation and improve your financial planning

Products Optimisation AI

Inventory Planning

Balance optimal stock levels across your network to achieve customer satisfaction

Data apps powered by a single source of truth

PRODUCT Single Source of Truth

All your products data in a single dashboard

Integrate data related to your products (Revenue, Orders, Profitability, Stock Levels) in one visual dashboard
Easily compare different products/SKUs and identify trends and outliers without the need of building a customer report
Reduce the time spent building custom reporting to aggregate your product data with one single product view across your organisation
All your products data in a single dashboard

Our clients grow with Kleene

Using our AI applications our clients are beating the competition
on engineering resources
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in marketing spend efficiency
in return rates
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Integrate all your data in minutes

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Frequently asked questions

Getting started with Kleene is quick and easy. If you already know what your goals are and have a data team in-house you can start using Kleene right away, just get a call booked to get your account setup. If you want the Kleene team to support you in the implementation, our usual implementation time takes between 2 and 6 weeks depending on your data readiness.

Our product is modular so our pricing varies based on which products you are looking to purchase. Our pricing starts from £2,500 per month. Pricing varies depending on your use cases and the number of data integrations. Enterprise pricing and volume discounts are available – speak to us to find out more.

No you don’t. For organisations without an in-house data team, Kleene Data Consulting team will support you from defining your data strategy goals to implementing them. Our team is trained to focus on delivering value to your business quickly minimising the pay back period of your investment

No you don’t! If you are already using a BI Tool like (PowerBI, Tableau, Looker) you can keep using your existing BI tool with Kleene. We help you organise and structure your data in a Single Source of Truth, and use our advanced AI/ML models to produce advanced analytics reports in your existing BI tool. If you don’t have a BI tool, we provide a BI solution.

Data privacy and security are paramount at Our platform adheres to strict data protection regulations and employs advanced security measures to ensure that your and your customer’s data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. Read more here

Many clients start seeing positive trends and insights within weeks from initial implementation. The time frame for seeing tangible results can vary depending on several factors, including the nature of your business, the quality of your data, and how you implement the AI’s recommendations.

Yes, Kleene’s Inventory Optimisation AI is designed to integrate seamlessly not only with a wide range of ERPs platforms but also with your entire data ecosystem, including data from marketing, finance, supply chain, and sales. This comprehensive integration ensures that all relevant information is considered when making decisions, thereby creating a real single source of truth. Such integration allows for more thorough analysis and utilisation of your existing data, enhancing inventory management and demand forecasting strategies.