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Allocate your marketing budget efficiently across campaigns

Confidently allocate your marketing budget across offline, digital, social and every campaign by leveraging Kleene's advanced marketing attribution models. Increase ROAS and reduce CAC
G2 Awards - the leader in summer 2019
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Allocate your marketing budget efficiently across channels
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Finding the right marketing mix is hard

Some common problems are:

Ad platform conversion values are misleading

Ad platforms attribute entire conversions for every touchpoint leading to inflated CAC and ROAS

Weak tracking limits data-driven decisions

Poor web tracking and UTM setup prevents you using event level data to make effective decisions

Campaigns budget changes are reactive

Forecasting the impact of budget re-allocations is complex as funnels are intertwined

Marketers use our AI data application to:

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Accurately predict the ROAS & CAC for all campaigns

Understand the impact that every interaction in the funnel has on your conversation, and attribute conversions effectively.

Understand campaigns interdependencies

See which of your marketing activities are having halo effects and which one are having a negative impact due to cannibalisation

Make proactive budget decisions with scenario plans

Never guess what a change to budget allocation will mean for your CAC tomorrow and months into the future.

All you need to optimise marketing spend in one tool

Deep Learning Attribution

Measure the incremental impact of your marketing spend

Kleene integrates all of your marketing data, post-purchase surveys, event-tracking and orders in one single place to give you full visibility.
Our neural network combines Multi-touch Attribution from event data with a Media Mix Model using aggregated data, achieving accurate attribution for all types of marketing activity (online, off-line)
Gain a holistic perspective of your campaigns performance with a rich, actionable dashboard showing you impression, clicks, CTR, CPC, ROAS, CAC across all your marketing channels and attribution methods
Measure the incremental impact of your marketing spend
Remove the guessing from your budget allocation decisions
Scenario Testing

Remove the guessing from your budget allocation decisions

Easily see how your budget allocation changes will impact ROAS, CAC and LTV
Visualise the tradeoffs between spend, CAC and revenue to quickly identify your optimal range of budget allocations
Get recommendations on budget allocations in natural language. These recommendations are based upon time trends, relative performance, halo and cannibalisation effects.

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Frequently asked questions

Traditionally, yes! That’s one of the reasons we built Kleene – so that brands without the time or budget to take on Enterprise-level data projects could still have access to gold standard measurement. Kleene is quick and easy to go live, and in most cases doesn’t even require input from your tech team!

Kleene is designed to make set-up and integration quick and easy. We usually can get you setup in 30min. If you’re using out-of-the-box platforms like Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce, Adwords, TickTock, Meta etc.. the only setup that is required is granting Kleene access to your systems so we can pull the data we need to run our models. All the rest of the magic happens on the back end – Kleene automatically cleans, reconciles and models your data to present a single, simple view of performance that you can trust.

Kleene’s AI models are continuously calibrated to your business needs. We work closely with your team to refine our model to your specific business needs as we understand that all businesses are different and some fine tuning is required for high accuracy. We also perform automated QA checks, that validate daily that the data used in the model is accurate and complete. Any change to your Ads Manager and Google Analytics are always monitored. or Ads Manager setup.

We measure every possible channel that influences directly or indirectly conversions. From online channels, to off-line channels, to post-purchase surveys, coupon codes we use every signal available to attribute conversions accurately. We attribute clicks, but most importantly we attribute the impact of impressions of top-funnel activities like Meta, Ticktock, Pinterest, Youtube.

Kleene is super easy to get live. The first step takes no more than 15 minutes and involves connecting all your platforms to Kleene. Once that is done, our team of data experts start reviewing, cleaning your data and applying our AI models. Within a week on average, you get access to your first dashboard with our marketing spend optimsiation recommendations. We then calibrate the model for your specific needs as we understand that every business has some uniqueness to it, and we believe you should be able to leverage all your know-how in your attribution model!

Absolutely – Kleene is built privacy-first, and doesn’t rely on invasive user-level tracking to feed our models. That’s why our impressions measurement wasn’t affected by iOS 14, and it’s why brands using Kleene will always have the edge on those that rely on pixels to track their customers.

We can get started with as little as getting access to your ad platforms and order management platforms. Attribution will be accurate at an aggregate level, but with user-level event data and web tracking in place we can give you more granular attribution. We also use data points like coupon codes, post-purchase surveys, TV spend, Radio spend to improve the accuracy of our models.

We include top-funnel interactions (impressions, views) in our models by analysing the impact that those have on your orders. This ensures that your top-funnel activities gets the right level of credit in supporting your conversion rate at the bottom of the funnel.

Use data to guide your business decisions towards better results

From managing your customer acquisition and retention, to product optimisation; Kleene can help
G2 award winter 2023
G2 Awards - the leader in summer 2019
4.5 out of 5 stars on
Used by incredible data-driven companies