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Use your data to grow your retail business

Retail data leaders can now consolidate their data to power core business priorities including inventory optimisation, hyper personalisation and churn prediction.
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How to improve your business performance with data?
Discover how our end to end data platform provides you with the tools you need to deliver value for your business.
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What does Kleene do that you can’t do today?

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Integrate data from 600+ sources using an intuitive UI. Use our pre-built data models and workflows to consolidate your data in minutes. Reliability and automation that ensure zero maintenance and data quality.
Equip your team with pre-built data models to minimise building and implementation time, ensuring you know which data to rely on.
Use advanced analytics to drive strategic initiatives like hyper-personalisation, supply chain and pricing optimisation without the need of a large team or years of development.
Access tools and expertise needed to drive your key business metrics and start measuring the ROI of your data projects.

Kleene is the industry first end to end data value platform

Stop paying for multiple tools
Ingest, Load, Transform and Visualise all your data in a single platform, keeping everything in one place and reducing costs
10x Faster implementation
Access pre-built and customisable data model structures ready to be used for accelerated value delivery
Actionable insights
Leverage our ready to use advanced data science outcomes to help your business thrive

Transform your data team from a cost centre to a value centre

Our customers experience breakthrough results using our end to end platform
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Key Differentiators

Fastest way to unlock business value
Start delivering business value from your data without having to start from scratch
Value Led Approach
We offer more than just a data platform. Accelerate your path to data value through our end-to-end technology, prebuilt data models and data expertise
Keep all your data in one place
Save costs, boosts data quality and fast-tracks data delivery
Cross-departmental actionable intelligence
Consolidate your data across all your departments in a single source of truth, empowering streamlined decision making
Scalable and predictable price
Simple pricing model based on a flat fee per connector ensuring consistent costs as your data needs grow
AI powered Suggestions
Leverage AI-powered actionable insights to implement decisions that yield maximum impact

Driving business growth through data

Enterprises large and small bring unparalleled value to their organisations with Kleene
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Turning Data Into Decisions in Retail: A Playbook
Learn how to turn raw data into decision intelligence with a step-by-step guide you can implement today:
Free e-book - Turning data into decisions in retail
Learn actionable strategies including:
  • Find out where you are and how to progress on the data maturity curve 

  • What are the steps to take to make better data driven decisions
  • Get practical insights about managing the transition effectively

Start using your data to grow your business

Connect, transform and visualise your data fast and in a scalable way
4.4 out of 5 stars on
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