• No human engineering

  • Any or all best-in-class modules

  • For analysts, by analysts

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The kleene way

  • Integrate everything with a few clicks

    Extract and Load data from all your sources in minutes with our simple interface. Schedule and monitor data pipelines with automated alerts.

  • Automated transform workflow

    80% of the time wrestling with data? Not any more. kleene.ai takes care of the dev ops, dependency management and scheduling, allowing your data pros to focus on analysis and value.

  • Powerful data modelling

    Combine all your data, build up your business logic and metric calculations, leverage your business intelligence and do it all in native SQL. Quick, simple and powerful. No mark up required.

  • Fully automated and lightning fast

    Leveraging the power of scalable cloud computing, process the data while you sleep. 10x the speed to insight and value with kleene.ai

Our solutions work with all platforms and all data types

Data Team

Stop wrestling with the data and operating with sub-optimal data infrastructure. Move straight to the value and become the data heroes your business demands by utilising kleene.ai to do the heavy lifting for you. Designed by analysts for analysts.

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Business Teams

Unlock the value and insight from your data. Get control of your business by putting data at the heart of your decision making. Analysis, reporting, forecasting, and data science, all unlocked.

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