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Solutions: Finance

Uncover cost optimisation opportunities with data-driven decisions

Gain comprehensive insights across marketing, payments, e-commerce, supply chain, finance while leveraging AI-powered suggestions to optimize your company's performance.
G2 award winter 2023
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All you need to maximise the impact of your data

Book a free consultation with senior data experts coming from JustEat, Trainline, Diageo, and Not On The High Street.
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Trusted by data driven companies
Trusted by data-drive companies such as Travel Chapter, Hotter, Moonpig, Swoon

Boost your bottom line by finally getting value from your data

Elevate your financial decisions with smart, data-powered strategy that enhances forecasting accuracy, uncovers revenue-generating prospects and identifies cost savings opportunities.
Accelerate business growth
Elevate your business performance with actionable AI-powered insights and optimisation strategies.
Maximise your customer value
Assess the profitability of customer relationships, make informed business decisions, and allocate resources effectively.
Optimise costs
Uncover savings, optimise resources and increase your team’s productivity.
Customisable reports
Visualize your data with user-friendly dashboards that suit your specific needs to make informed decisions and maximise business growth.
UK-based expert guidance
Get guidance from our award winning customer success team to set up and optimise your platform
Seamless setup
Effortlessly deploy and manage your analytics platform with minimum resources required.

Customisable reports with AI driven recommendations

Balanced Scorecard

  • Enhance strategic decision-making via holistic business view
  • Customise performance boundaries based on your preferences
  • Track historical performance trends throughout your business
Aseet Balance Scorecard Diagram

Payment Reconciliation

  • Streamline payment processing, saving time and resources
  • Leverage an AI based reconciliation suggestion
  • Reconcile data across all platforms with ease
Assets payment reconciliation diagram

Inventory Valuation

  • Gain visibility into stock levels and forecast future positions
  • Automate inventory valuation across locations and systems
  • Enhance cash flow optimisation by leveraging forecast insights
Aseets inventory valuation diagram

Investor Headline

  • Easily share tailored key metrics with your investors
  • Customise data based on your specific needs
  • Efficiently filter and visualise the data you wish to view or share
Aseets inventory valuation diagram

Gain a competitive advantage using the most advanced data technology

Streamlined Financial Reporting
Unify data from diverse origins, empowering your finance team to efficiently expedite financial reporting across monthly, quarterly, and annual cycles.
Data-Driven Forecasting
Enhance risk comprehension and mitigation with advanced forecasting
and predictive capabilities, leveraging real-time data from diverse
sources, eliminating the need for manual data retrieval across multiple
Unified Model for Accurate Comparisons
Unlock true like-for-like comparison metrics by leveraging our unified model. Combine data from different sources, handle naming variations, and analyze campaigns consistently.
Advanced AI  Modelling
Boost operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and improve data quality with AI-driven recommendations.
Visualise Data In Your Favourite Way
Choose between your preferred BI tool or leverage our easy to use dashboards.
Over 600+ Ready To Use Connectors
Ready-to-use connectors combine your data effortlessly, no data engineer required.

Easy data management to power your business

Connect, transform and visualise your data fast and in a scalable way
G2 award winter 2023
4.4 out of 5 stars on
Used by incredible data-driven companies