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Finance Department

Transform the future with finance analytics and insights
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Go from antiquated spreadsheets to automated analytics

Reduce the time and effort spent on manual processes, so you can get back to your most important analyses. See how the Kleene ELT Platform can help you rapidly discover, ingest and transform your data to Increase your efficiency and accuracy.

Features and Benefits

Focus on direction
Stop tracking down numbers, have instant visibility 24/7 to your operations productivity, so your Finance and Accounting teams are working more on strategy. With Kleene, your time to value and insight is much faster.
Analyze and Plan
Perform financial planning and analysis live with instant democratized access to fresh budget and forecast data using the Kleene ELT Platform.
Increase Business Agility
Ensure fast response to time-sensitive growth opportunities, competitive threats, operational risk exposures and customer service requests.
Strengthen Risk Mitigation and Compliance
Fortify risk management and regulatory compliance practices with trustworthy and transparent data and operationalize data governance at scale. Satisfy industry regulations with accurate, valid, transparent and secure data.
Understand your Business Better than Ever
Get a deeper understanding of how money is being spent, so you can optimize resources more effectively. Whether it’s examining expenses, optimizing procurement strategies or monitoring capital expenditure, the Kleene ELT Platform can turn data into actionable insights.
Reduce Report Production Time by 90%
With the Kleene ELT Platform, Finance teams are increasing visibility into customer orders. In turn, driving the capability to normalize data to reduce the end-to-end run time of analysis, build efficiency and automate the process.
Collaborate with Stakeholders
By using one data cloud you can enable alignment across the entire company. Departments can understand what data their stakeholders need to focus on and have one channel to communicate these insights, collaborating with stakeholders to set KPIs and improve cost savings.
Drive Digital Transformation
Through understanding your data, drive digital innovations such as procurement digitisation.

Easy data management to power your business

Connect, transform and visualise your data fast and in a scalable way
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