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Case Study


Optimizing factory operations and automated business reporting
Over 40 dashboards and reports generated.
10 days a month saved in administration time with automated financial, board and investor reporting.
Optimized production on the factory floor, increasing output and in turn, revenue.


Xtrac is recognized as the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of transmission systems, supporting a wide client base covering top level Motorsport and High Performance Automotive. Xtrac operates in high technology and fast moving markets and are therefore demanded as a supplier who can deliver a competitive advantage.
Industry: Manufacturing & Transport
Employees: 300+
We were focused on outcomes. The speed with which Kleene got us up and running was phenomenal and together we were able to quickly gain the confidence of the leadership team. Most importantly, it gave our investors confidence that we were in control of our business.
Neil Randon – Chief Information Officer, Xtrac

The Challenge

Xtrac and inflexion identified that many decisions were made on ‘gut-feel’, rather than data. However, with limited data specialism in the business engaged Kleene to shape and deliver their data journey.

Xtrac had a siloed data landscape when Inflexion invested during October 2017, with departments managing their own technology systems, data and reporting; however, they realized far greater insight would be required to deliver their ambitious growth plans, a centralized strategy was needed.

The Solution

Prior to the onboarding of Kleene, Xtrac finance general ledger was produced manually on Excel, taking two to three weeks to produce each month.

Kleene connected the multiple finance systems used by Xtrac, into API and database connections to pull data into their new data warehouse. By applying code to deal with the transforming data, Kleene provided the output required, an automatically generated ledger each month.

Kleene also assisted Xtrac with the hiring of an internal analyst, whose background was in the automotive industry. Using Kleene, a set of dashboards and reports were built, plus a Power BI plugin.

The Results

Over 40 dashboards and reports generated
Since onboarding Kleene, Xtrac have built out over 40 dashboards and reports, aligned to departments and specific owners within the business. This has increased overall efficiency and adaptability through access to all their data.
Automated financial reporting
Xtrac financial reporting, profit and loss reports and general monthly ledgers were previously collated in a lengthy manual process in Excel. These reports have now been automated in the Kleene app.
Automated board and investor reporting
The automated reporting has allowed Xtrac to gain confidence in the quality and accuracy of their board and investor reporting. The previously manual process has now been automated using Kleene.
Data-driven ROI
Since onboarding Kleene, Xtrac have seen a vast improvement in revenue vs. costs for their key accounts.

The data has also been used to optimize the production on the factory floor, increasing output and in turn, revenue. This has allowed Xtrac to grow exponentially, and meet their customers’ demands.

The Kleene vision is to make business insights a commodity, not a privilege. We combine all data sources in one place, translate them into one language and organize everything to make it easier for your teams to work with.

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