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Case Study


How Helped YamoCreate Personalised CustomerExperiences and Impact CLTV
Implemented personalised customer experiences
Saved £9k per month in engineering costs
Calculated & optimised CLTV


Yamo, is a revolutionary company launched in 2017, reshaping the kids’ food sector by providing nutritious and appetising food alternatives. Specialising in fresh baby food and plant-based options, Yamo is known for its 100% organic products, enjoying a prominent market position in Europe. They operate through a direct-to-consumer platform and leading retailers.
Industry: Retail & FMCG
Employees: 200+
Thanks to Kleene’s expertise we were able to leverage the best practices in the market
Francesco Calabretta - Director of Business Intelligence


Yamo aimed to implement data projects to optimise operational efficiency across various departments and enhance the customer experience, focusing primarily on profitability through increasing their CLTV.

Yamo struggled with siloed data and was aiming to create a single source of truth. They needed a competent partner to help them adopt the best practices in retail data projects while retaining control and flexibility. Their goal was to integrate an ERP, Shopify, and webshop data to enhance personalisation, optimise supply chain, and increase CLTV and repeat purchases.

The Solution offered its expert application to Yamo, enabling them to:

  • Establish a unified data source, including orders, returns, and customer interactions.
  • Calculate and enhance CLTV
  • Evaluate the efficiency of marketing, logistics, shipping, and other departments.
  • Monitor key KPIs and gain insights into their influencing factors.
  • Connect any cost to the order and understand the associated final delivery date and cost.
  • Determine contribution margin and profitability.


Yamo executed a full data warehouse project within a few months with, saving at least 9k a month on data engineer resources. They developed actionable P&Ls and steered their business towards increased profitability by analysing cost indexes.

Through sophisticated analyses, such as LTV and cohort analysis, Yamo was able to explore new dimensions of business intelligence, identifying and capitalising on successful customer cohorts analysis and enhancing retention and repeat purchases through actionable marketing strategies.

“Kleene has helped us Improve the efficiency across different departments.” 

Francesco Calabretta -Director of Business Intelligence at Yamo


Yamo, with the support of, managed to consolidate their data into a single source of truth and implement best practices in the retail industry.

By focusing on customer-centric approaches and optimising various departments, Yamo is steering towards a profitable future, making significant savings, and achieving unprecedented insights into their operations and customer behaviour.’s helped Yamo to navigate through the complexities of the retail sector, adding substantial value to their business processes and strategies and helped them achieve:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Yamo can now view and influence key KPIs efficiently.
  • Optimised Efficiency: Improved functionality across different departments.
  • Advanced Analysis: More time and resources are invested in sophisticated reporting, facilitating complex and rewarding analysis like LTV and cohort analysis.
  • Customer-centric Optimisation: Enabled the optimisation of cohorts, increased personalization, and improved LTV.
  • Profitable Strategies: Precise and actionable P&Ls allow for more profitable business steering.
“Kleene has helped us in optimising cohorts, increasing personalisation, and improving LTV.”

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