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Manufacturing & Transport

Powering manufacturing 4.0 for a faster tomorrow
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Fast track industrial advances using data…

Data and technology are driving the fourth wave of industrial revolution. Power innovation and ensure smart automation through data transformation and AI. Maximize supply chain efficiency, increase plant productivity, and improve production quality through data.

Features and Benefits

Optimize Operations
Digitize processes and integrate disparate systems to drive global digital transformation.
Power Supply Chain Efficiency
Gain a global view of your supply chain leveraging your data to meet complex information requirements. Ensure transparency, agility, and responsiveness in supply chains with a single view of high-quality data and advanced analytics.
Improve Product Development
Advance your product quality and development through the power of data. Collate all of your data, model and transform it using the Kleene ELT Platform and build ML models to ensure an ever evolving product.
End to End View of Costs
Achieve full visibility of costs at all stages of your process to get a comprehensive view of net profit.
Manufacturing Process Optimization
Analyze data across different plants and premises to see which areas of the process are slowing you down and which could be performed in a more cost-effective manner.

Easy data management to power your business

Connect, transform and visualise your data fast and in a scalable way
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