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Introducing the Intelligent Data Cloud…
Remove the traditional burdens of data pipelines and deliver actionable insights 10x faster.

With increasing volumes of data to manage and multiple data sources to extract from, data transformation can be a time-consuming, onerous exercise, accentuated further if you’re hand-coding or running your data transformation efforts manually.

By harnessing the performance, speed, and scalability of the Intelligent Data Cloud (IDC), you can produce the data your team needs, at any time, in any format.

Kleene’s IDC provides the world’s most powerful transformation layer to refine raw data into business-ready inputs that fuel superior insights, analysis, and decision-making.

Features & Benefits

The Modern ELT in the Cloud

The Kleene IDC performs multifaceted SQL-based transformations directly inside a cloud data warehouse which provides faster time to value. Traditional or ETL platforms require a time-intensive and resource-heavy transformation step prior to loading or integrating data. Prepare, clean, and convert raw data into structured data with total control.

Complete Automation in the Kleene IDC

With Kleene IDC you can automate the entire data integration process, including data transformation. IDC automatically executes SQL queries in-database, often as part of a broader data workflow.

Change Driven, Observable, Data Pipelines

The Kleene IDC detects changes in your source data and only updates downstream datasets when it needs to, helping you reduce end-to-end data latency and saving on Data Warehouse costs. Design your pipelines with declarative definitions that require 90% less code and results in far less maintenance.

Automatic Dependency Mapping

The Intelligent Data Cloud automatically parses the structure and builds a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) representation of that logic. Increase productivity by 10x by not having to produce your own dependency mapping, Kleene IDC does this automatically for you.

Designed for Enterprise Scale

IDC is designed to scale to thousands of data models and can compile your entire project into SQL in seconds, giving you instant real-time feedback on your code even as your team and complexity grows.

Automated Dependency and Orchestration

The Kleene IDC automates the entire data integration process, including data transformation. Kleene automatically executes SQL queries in-database, often as part of a broader data workflow.

Robust Post-Load Transformations

Kleene IDC performs multifaceted SQL-based transformations directly inside your cloud data warehouse or KDW. Prepare, clean, and convert raw data into structured data with total control.

Use the Kleene Quickstart Recipes

Reuse common data quality rules across any data from any source. Deploy recipes automatically built from thousands of data sources.

Transform any Data for any Insight

Kleene is compatible with all leading BI platforms, analytics systems, and data analysis technologies. 

Data Transformation: The Kleene Intelligent Data Cloud

The Kleene Intelligent Data Cloud Master layer offers the power, speed, and versatility to generate the highest quality data. Discover our automated in-database executions of SQL queries and benefit from:

Automatic dependency mapping and updates

Looping & conditional logic

Point-and-click functionality for creating and updating tables

Variables functionality for making workflows dynamic and generic

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