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Kleene Connector Support Pal

Integration: Support Pal

Load any data source into any warehouse in minutes not months

Connect Support Pal to your data warehouse

We started SupportPal with the aim of providing a cost-effective, efficient and powerful support solution for our customers, but also leaving them in control of their own data. Our focus has always been on self-hosted software that could be kept on-premise. One key goal was to ensure that the software would be simple to use and set-up, no matter how many features were utilised. Our core product originally launched in 2012, then known as ArcticDesk. Following several years of development and improvements, version 2 was released in 2016, when the company name became what it is today.
Kleene Connector Support Pal

Integrate Support Pal without learning any code


Never waste time again building your own data pipelines

  • 150+ pre-built data connectors library
  • On-demand custom connector build
  • Always work with the most up to date data
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Kleene Connector Support Pal
Find out more about  Support Pal at thier website
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Setup your data warehouse in minutes with no engineering required

  • Point and click data warehouse setup
  • Work with the best warehouse technology in the market
  • Leverage the power of the cloud to never run out of space
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Accelerate your data model building thanks to our unique transformation tooling

  • Pre-built data models to accelerate your time-to-value
  • Simple SQL based data query workspace
  • Best-in-class data pipeline observability and management
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Level up your dashboards using our wide industry expertise

  • Access Kleene’s industry leading dashboard templates
  • Connect your data to your preferred visualisation tool
  • Unlock complex analyses including multi-touch attribution
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Easy data management to power your business

Connect, transform and visualise your data fast and in a scalable way
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