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Information Technology

The Kleene ELT Platform is here to help
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Free yourself from infrastrucuture management

Kleene SaaS solution requires zero infrastructure management. Say goodbye to tedious data collations and give yourself time to focus on high-value projects. Deliver insights in minutes, not months.

Features and Benefits

Connect Data Quickly & Securely
Get up and running in days, not months, with turnkey connectors and custom connectors built for you. Use your Cloud Data Warehouse or use the managed Kleene Cloud Data Warehouse.
Modern Data Stack Delivered as a Service
Use the Kleene ELT Platform to build your data pipelines, whether you have SQL expertise or not. Benefit from personalized transformation options or create your own transforms with our low code interface, or use SQL custom queries with the built-in SQL console.
Zero Infrastructure Management
The Kleene ELT Platform provides your modern data stack, delivered to you as a SaaS solution – removing the complexity of the infrastructure build and maintenance, automatically scaling with your needs.
Secure Access
Give the right people the right access to your platform with Role Based Access Controls. VPN and VPC peering options are also available for sensitive data.
Unified Business View
Eliminate data silos and directly access relevant data including ERP, CRM and ITSM data, providing a real-time view of your business.
Empower Actionable Insights
Strengthen collaboration across departments by delivering near real-time insights where business users need them.
Streamline IT Operations
Accelerate first contact resolution to deliver a superior employee experience. With the Kleene ELT Platform, fewer steps are needed from a business user request to a verified outcome.
A Single Source of Truth
With the Kleene ELT Platform, aggregate all your data and generate a single source of truth for all of your business data, enabling improved data governance and streamlined data sharing.
Future Proof Your Business
The platform you build today should satisfy your needs tomorrow. You need a flexible solution that can be deployed anywhere, handle any type of data, and provide the most robust security available. The Kleene ELT Platform is delivered as a service, democratizing your data without the overhead of managing or implementing a complex data stack.

Easy data management to power your business

Connect, transform and visualise your data fast and in a scalable way
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