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Data Visualisation

Visualise your data directly in Kleene for fast decision making

Leverage the power of our embedded visualisation tool to quickly analyse your data. Want to use your own visualisation tool? no problem we support this use case too.
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Visualise your data
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Picking the right visualisation tool is a challenge

Some common problems are

Poor Data Exploration

Data exploration often needs to be done in Excel as visualisation tools are not flexible enough

No flexibility for data inputs

Adding contextual inputs like forecasts is often hard in common visualisation tools

Old school BI tools

Commonly used BI tools are old school and present complex UIs that prevent broad adoption

Data visualisation that is Powerful, Scalable, & Easy to Use

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Spreadsheet like interface for quick adoption

Use a spreadsheet-like interface to freely explore ALL the data, drilling into the smallest detail.

Build beautiful KPI charts, fast

Understand and follow your most important business metric, all connected directly to your data warehouse

Collaborate with others

Live explore. Live edit. Work together to analse data, share insights, and build new workbooks.

Explore, analyse, collaborate, and share insights faster

Spreadsheet like interface

Simple spreadsheet like interface for fast adoption

Use a spreadsheet-like interface to freely explore ALL the data, drilling into the smallest detail.
By making all the data in the cloud data warehouse available, you're never limited in the questions you can ask.
Input Tables

Add contextual information to your analysis fast

Create and enter data into tables like you would in a traditional spreadsheet, then mirror them as system tables directly in your DW
Use the normal data controls like undo, type-ahead, data validation, keyboard shortcuts, sorts, filters and column types
Modern BI Interface

Perform all your analysis in one single tool

Imagine working with billions of rows of cloud data without the complexity old-school business intelligence requires
Use Kleene to perform data collection, territory management, portfolio modeling, and revenue planning—better than you would in Excel.

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  • Understand where you are & how to progress on the data maturity curve
  • What are the steps to make better data driven decisions
  • Get practical insights about managing the transition effectively

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Frequently asked questions’s Data Analytics Consulting is designed to accelerate your time to value by leveraging our breadth of data experience. From data architecture advisory to data visualization, we ensure that every aspect of your data strategy is aligned with your business goals, enabling faster and more effective decision-making

Kleene supports the following data warehouses: Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery

No you don’t! If you are already using a BI Tool like (PowerBI, Tableau, Looker) you can keep using your existing BI tool with Kleene. We help you organise and structure your data in a Single Source of Truth, and use our advanced AI/ML models to produce advanced analytics reports in your existing BI tool. If you don’t have a BI tool, we provide a BI solution.

No you don’t. For organisations without an in-house data team, Kleene Data Consulting team will support you from defining your data strategy goals to implementing them. Our team is trained to focus on delivering value to your business quickly minimising the pay back period of your investment

Our product is modular so our pricing varies based on which products you are looking to purchase. Our pricing starts from £2,500 per month. Pricing varies depending on your use cases and the number of data integrations. Enterprise pricing and volume discounts are available – speak to us to find out more.

Getting started with Kleene is quick and easy. If you already know what your goals are and have a data team in-house you can start using Kleene right away, just get a call booked to get your account setup. If you want the Kleene team to support you in the implementation, our usual implementation time takes between 2 and 6 weeks depending on your data readiness.

Use data to guide your business decisions towards better results

From managing your customer acquisition and retention, to product optimisation; Kleene can help
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G2 Awards - the leader in summer 2019
4.5 out of 5 stars on
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