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The Data Challenge

Many organizations struggle to make actionable data available, let alone turn it into business value. 1


Only 10% of business relevant data is used for analysis


Only 32% of executives say they can create value from data


Only 24% of business decision makers feel data literate

Capture the true power of your data through data analytics.

The value of your data is not measured in volume or in the number of data sources, but in your ability to glean insights from that data to accelerate your business. 

The traditional ETL approach is no longer viable in today’s economy where speed and access to data are a prerequisite to success. With the right cloud data analytics tech stack – powered by the Kleene Intelligent Data Cloud you can maximize the power, performance and economics of the cloud to drive business insights.

Data Analytics Built for the Cloud

Take advantage of the speed and scalability of the cloud, with the modern data stack delivered to you as a service powered by the Kleene Intelligent Data Cloud.

Reduce Time to Value

Improve time to value with our easy to learn user interface and ability to quickly process data by leveraging the massive parallel processing power of the cloud.

Make Data Accessible

Make your data available to your authorized data users with role based access controls to deliver your mastered data back to your data consumers.

Enterprise Scale

Scale to support your cloud analytics needs with advanced pushdown optimization, elastic processing and much more.

Increased Productivity

Reduce manual effort with AI and Machine Learning along with auto-dependency mappings and recipes out of the box.

Native BI & Data Visualization Access

Feed data natively from IDC and Cloud Data Warehouse to your BI and Data Visualization tools – eliminating complex interconnectivity.

Visualize Pipelines

Simplify complex queries into easy to understand sequential operations through Kleene’s automated DAG.

Democratize Access to Data

With verified data domains signed off by your data team, your users can access curated data in easy to use BI tools and get the same answers each time without having to understand the structure of the data pipelines.

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