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Improve your
by turning data into smart decisions

G2 award winter 2023
G2 Awards - the leader in summer 2019
4.5 out of 5 stars on
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Companies that use AI to drive decision making outgrow their peers by 162%

Being able to analyse and use data to make decisions is crucial to gain a competitive advantage. helps you organise & analyse your data and drive real commercial impact in weeks with AI
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We help you solve your toughest business challenges

Customer Acquisition AI

Acquire new customers profitably

Leverage AI and advanced marketing attribution models to grow your customer base
Customer Retention AI

Prevent customers 
from churning

Understand your customers and personalise all touchpoints to increase retention
Products Optimisation AI

Predict demand & optimise inventory

Get insights into the factors that drive demand. Improve inventory planning,
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Our clients grow with Kleene

Using our AI applications our clients are beating the competition
on engineering resources
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in marketing spend efficiency
in return rates
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What makes Kleene unique in the market?

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Get setup in weeks not months. Thanks to our 600+ integrations and pre-built AI/ML data models we reduce drastically the payback period of your investment.
A team of Kleene data experts is always available to support you during your journey. From data science specialists, data analysts all the way to fractional CDO we got you covered
Kleene organises data from across your organisation, ensuring you are always making fast and accurate decisions. We build one single source of truth thanks to 600+ pre-built data integrations.
Use advanced analytics to drive strategic initiatives like hyper-personalisation, supply chain and pricing optimisation without the need of a large team or years of development.

A single platform for every team

For operations teams

Manage inventory and
plan future demand
  • Get full visibility of your stock
  • Understand the impact of
future demand on your SLAs
  • Drill down on every product 
to understand performance

For data teams

Build complex data
pipelines fast
  • Manage all your data pipelines from one single platform
  • Access pre-built data models to accelerate your build
  • Effortlessly query data with our simple, SQL or Python workspace

For marketing teams

Advanced marketing analytics in one tool
  • Connect all your marketing 
data with 600+ integrations
  • Use our advanced marketing 
models to optimise spend
  • Automate data enrichment in your marketing channels easily

Integrate all your data in minutes

Explore other features

Extract, Load, Transform

All-in-one ELT

Build and maintain pipelines fast with Kleene all-in-one ELT solution. SQL Workbench, Python, and more

600+ Data Integrations

Data Integrations

600+ Pre-built data integrations allow you to aggregate all your data in one single source of truth

Data Experts on-demand

Data Consulting

Access on-demand resources to accelerate your data project and deliver value to your business faster

Not sure where to start?

Download our free step by step guide
to discover actionable strategies include:
  • Understand where you are & how to progress on the data maturity curve
  • What are the steps to make better data driven decisions
  • Get practical insights about managing the transition effectively

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Free e-book - Turning data into decisions in retail

"Turning Data Into Decisions in Retail"

Frequently asked questions

Getting started with Kleene is quick and easy. If you already know what your goals are and have a data team in-house you can start using Kleene right away, just get a call booked to get your account setup. If you want the Kleene team to support you in the implementation, our usual implementation time takes between 2 and 6 weeks depending on your data readiness.

Our product is modular so our pricing varies based on which products you are looking to purchase. Our pricing starts from £2,500 per month. Pricing varies depending on your use cases and the number of data integrations. Enterprise pricing and volume discounts are available – speak to us to find out more.

No you don’t. For organisations without an in-house data team, Kleene Data Consulting team will support you from defining your data strategy goals to implementing them. Our team is trained to focus on delivering value to your business quickly minimising the pay back period of your investment

No you don’t! If you are already using a BI Tool like (PowerBI, Tableau, Looker) you can keep using your existing BI tool with Kleene. We help you organise and structure your data in a Single Source of Truth, and use our advanced AI/ML models to produce advanced analytics reports in your existing BI tool. If you don’t have a BI tool, we provide a BI solution. supports integration with over 600+ data sources, including popular CRM systems, ERPs, marketing platforms, financial software, e-commerce platforms, databases, and more. Plus, if we don’t already have a connector available, we will build it for you free of charge. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that accommodates all your data integration needs

Use data to guide your business decisions towards better results

From managing your customer acquisition and retention, to product optimisation; Kleene can help
G2 award winter 2023
G2 Awards - the leader in summer 2019
4.5 out of 5 stars on
Used by incredible data-driven companies