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The CFO’s Playbook:

How Swoon’s Finance Director leveraged data for strategic growth

Swoon Case Study
Rachel Ha
Swoon - Finance Director
“I've learned a lot from my mistakes on how to use data to boost our business growth. I'll share these lessons, so you can jump straight to success and grow your company faster. See you online!”
Join Rachel Ha, Finance Director at Swoon, as she shares her journey on how to drive growth through data. We will explore how to use your organisation's data for impactful decisions and strategic growth, regardless of whether you have an in-house data team.
Learn directly from Swoon's finance leader on how data can drastically improve key business metrics and drive strategic expansion
Dive into real-world challenges faced by Swoon in relation to data and decision-making
Get an insider's view on the journey of selecting and implementing the right data solution

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