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Bella and Duke's Growth Blueprint

Actionable Data Strategies for Retail Growth

January 24th | 14:00 - 14:45 PM GMT | Online (Zoom)
Hazel Finlayson
Bella & Duke - Head of Data
“Data It's not just about collecting numbers; it's about turning them into actions that drive real business growth. See you online!”
Dive into the success story of Bella and Duke and discover which actionable data strategies are driving their business growth. This session is a must-attend for retail leaders and data enthusiasts who aim to leverage data for strategic growth.
Gain first-hand insights into Bella and Duke's transformation into a data-driven company. Learn directly from their experiences and discover key strategies to avoid common pitfalls
Understand the challenges faced and how they were transformed into growth opportunities, including calculating the LTV/CAC ratio and improving customer retention
Learn directly from Bella and Duke's data leader about the use cases they prioritised for business growth

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