Build a competitive advantage for your retail business with AI for decision making

Sept 27th | 12:30 - 1:00 PM BST | Online (Zoom)
Organisations commonly struggle to leverage their data to make effective decisions. During this webinar we will cover practical tips on how to implement impactful data initiatives in your organisation whether you have a data team in-house or not.
How to implement AI for decision making in your business without huge investments?
How can AI help you make better commercial decisions? 
Practical examples of how to rapidly  implement AI to automate demand forecasting, inventory optimisation and customer segmentation
CEO Drew from
Andrew Thomas
Kleene - CEO
“As an ex-CDO and Data Advisor to some of the most exciting Retail brands out there, I’ll share all my learnings and frameworks on how to successfully leverage AI for decision making. See you online."
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