Predictable Cost of Ownership

We charge by connector, not row of data, ensuring a predictable, manageable cost of ownership, avoiding high charges that tax growth.

Optimisation Opportunities

Understand which data tables are used, where, when and how with kleene metrics. Use this insight to optimise your data sets.

Log Management

kleene logs provides a history of every transaction that takes place in app. Push logs to Slack to ensure complete control of your data at all times.

Put Data in the Hands of Analysts
Free up your tech and data teams to focus on building
models and data products.
Extract & Load

Manage load profile and scheduling, the destination schema and data structure. Choose from full or incremental extract, drop, create load, truncate load or append.

Transformation & Orchestration

kleene automates dependencies within the transform layer, parsing SQL in real time, building a DAG to represent your business logic. Use metadata to search and add context to your transforms.

Automated Pipelines

With your data connected, models scheduled and dependencies managed, analysts can focus on delivering insight and engineers can productionise data science.

Dashboards & Reports

With data pipelines automated, Analysts can build bespoke reports and dashboards for business departments and enable self serve insights for each team.

Plug & Play Connectors

Too Techie?

Discover how kleene helps teams uncover insight
to empower data driven decisions & growth.

Discover How kleene Helps Tech Teams