The 1st Complete Data Programme

Data pipelines deployed at lightning speed!

All-in-One SaaS ELT

Provide the single source of truth to business users, with a one stop data shop. No need to have disparate systems with multiple integrations, kleene provides the environment to write queries and build business models.

Automated Pipelines

kleene fully automates and manages your data pipelines, so you can focus your engineering resources on building data products and productionise data science. Allow business teams to own their data whilst retaining oversight.

Data Democratisation

Put data in the hands of those that need it with a no code, simple interface, end-to-end solution designed for analysts. Remove data bottlenecks with departmental access to data via self service dashboards.


Extract, load and transform your data in-app with kleene – the end to end data pipelining automation tool.

Extract and Load

Ensure total coverage with our pre and custom built connectors, with API and JDBC connectivity. Manage your load profile and scheduling, the destination schema and data structure. Enable teams to ingest flat files and build webforms with ease.


Transform your data with SQL, native to your data warehouse, without any markup language or code. Save time by harnessing rich text search functionality and saving key strokes with our smart autocomplete functionality.

Dependency Management

Enjoy real time, no compile, no run, autogeneration of the DAG with kleene. Simply set the schedule and the SQL is parsed automatically to create the directed acyclic graph.

Automate Data Pipelining

With your data connected, models scheduled and dependencies managed, analysts can deliver insight to the business and engineers can productionise data science.

Too Technical?

Discover how kleene can help business teams
generate value from data, without engineers.

The All-in-One Data Tool


The kleene app provides a view directly into all of your data warehouse objects. Databases, schemas, tables and columns are accessible with quick and simple navigation.


Benefit from in-app rich ID functionality, simple charting and context driven SQL completion. Enjoy intelligent multi tap interface, single click formatting, error highlighting and saving SQL history – best in class IDE in your browser!


Select your upstream or downstream SQL or run the entire console window at once. Switch schemas quickly and simply within a single console.


Export the query and results as CSV with a single click. Push finished queries straight to your scheduled transforms.

kleene Makes Data Analytics Easy

Predictable Cost of Ownership

Don’t get locked into pricing plan that taxes your growth. We charge by connector, not row of data, ensuring a predictable cost of ownership.

Log Management

kleene logs provide a history of every transaction that takes place in the app, allowing for the easy identification of failures. Push logs to Slack to ensure complete control of your data at all times.

Discover Optimisation Opportunities

Understand which data tables are used, where, when and how with kleene metrics. Use the insight to optimise your data sets.

Data Infrastructure Made Easy

See kleene in action & learn how we can help you build your single source of truth.