Enabling Businesses to Uncover Insight
and Drive Value from Data

“Before, we didn’t have a clear view of the pure revenue churn, contraction or expansion. So we needed measurement to better understand our upsell potential and optimise it. Now we know where to put our efforts, rather than making assumptions in the dark. We can make better business decisions that are data driven and linked to our core KPIs.”

Andreas Midtgaard
Andreas Midtgaard

CFO and Head of BI

Good Monday

“We’d be 6 months behind where we are right now if we didn’t have kleene in place. Looking forward, we can use the foundations we have set up with kleene to develop our analytical capabilities and data science capability – build segmentations that enable us to send the right message to the right member at the right time.”

Alex Gray
Alex Gray

Head of Data Insight and Analytics

Blue Light Card

“By working on building it yourself, you’re not saving money, you’re spending time, and it’s diminishing returns.”

John Hughes | kleene.ai
John Hughes


The Modern Milkman

Connect All of your Data Sources
Create your Single Source of Truth

End-to-End Data Automation

kleene is the world’s first automated, single platform tool that helps you generate value from your data, without hiring engineers.

Extract & Load

kleene’s in-built connectors extract all of your data into the data lake, removing silos.

Transform & Dependencies

kleene automatically parses the structure and builds a DAG representation of your business logic.


kleene provides a SQL console for you to browse your data schemas and tables and construct queries and analysis.

Too Technical?

Discover how kleene can generate value from data
for business users and remove bottlenecks.

Business Solutions

Without access to your data, it can be impossible to calculate key business metrics. kleene creates your single source of truth to answer business questions and enable deep analysis.

Board Intelligence

Answer Board questions and provide your business optics in an automated Board report.

Product Vision

Analyse customer interactions with your product and use the insight to optimise.

Financial Reporting

Connect all of your sources – including finance systems and your transactional database – to generate automated finance reports and dashboards.

Single Customer View

Get a deeper understanding of your customer journey and lifecycle, by bringing together your marketing, customer service, CRM and advertising data.

Building Your Data Infrastructure

Weighing Up the Options…

    kleene.ai Consultancy Internal Build Direct to BI  
  Data Warehouse  
  Data Lake  
  Data Analyst Required  
  Data Engineer Required  
  Data Architect Required  

Generating Value from Data

kleene creates your single source of truth in a cloud data warehouse to answer business questions and provide insight. Use this to automate reports, calculate business metrics and perform predictive analysis.


kleene is an exclusively SQL based platform, built for analysts. No code or programming languages necessary – lowering the barrier to entry.

Beyond spinning up a cloud data lake and warehouse, kleene manages all of the DevOps and infrastructure management through the SaaS.

kleene currently supports connection to the following data warehouses as destinations for data – Redshift (AWS), Snowflake (AWS), Snowflake (GCP), Snowflake (Azure).

We ensure full coverage of your data sources from implementation with custom and prebuilt connectors.

kleene doesn’t require an internal tech team – our SaaS and professional service offering can provide everything you need. If you do have a tech team, we’d love to meet them!

A single source of truth for your business. Leveraging the cloud data warehouse, your data is collected, centralised, structured and organised with your business logic applied. Use this to answer business questions, automate reports and build dashboards.

Data provides the truth of your business – uncover your cost of acquisition, customer lifetime value, ROAS and ROI. Use the data to perform churn analysis, calculate attrition and key business metrics. The possibilities are endless.

A BI tool enables the visualisation of your data – building charts, graphs and dashboards bespoke to your needs.

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