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Marketing Department

Empowering digital marketers to make data driven decisions
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Gain full data visibility and drive personalized experiences

Kleene makes it effortless to work with marketing data. It shouldn’t be difficult to get the data you need, how you need it.

Kleene gives you control so you can continuously improve and build new marketing channels and tactics through the use of your data.

Features and Benefits

Return on Ad Spend
Kleene brings in all of the data you need to calculate your ROAS and keep track of it daily to enable constant optimization.
Break down your Data Silos
When siloed and inaccurate data prevents you from running timely, targeted campaigns, Kleene breaks down the internal data barriers while protecting the privacy of your customers.
Data Driven Insights
Discover, capture, and integrate data from any source to any destination, including CRM and social media platforms. Self-service cloud capabilities make it easy for businesses to enable targeted and timely campaigns that deliver better results.
Engage your Customers
Build a 360-degree view of your customers by integrating and quality-checking data from almost any source. Use these insights to meet your customers in their preferred channel with personal, engaging experiences that result in greater customer loyalty and deliver more upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
Trust your Data
Eliminate unreliable, clunky workflows by connecting, transforming and storing data in a single Intelligent Data Cloud. Minimize the time spent validating metrics and take action faster. Rest easy with world-class security, compliance, and governance tools, including GDPR adherence.
Create an Omnichannel Experience
Deliver an engaging and seamless product experience at every touchpoint. Ensure consistency, cohesion and relevancy across your website, digital marketplace, in store, social media platforms, chatbots and catalog.

Easy data management to power your business

Connect, transform and visualise your data fast and in a scalable way
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Trusted by data-drive companies such as Travel Chapter, Hotter, Moonpig, Swoon