May 17, 2021

Using data to scale – growing across continents and gaining investor trust

  • Industry Food delivery software service
  • Location Dublin, New York, London, Perth
  • Funding Round Series A
  • Data Stack kleene, Snowflake, Tableau
VROMO Case Study |

As a rapidly expanding scale-up, growing across five continents, gaining a single customer view was integral to VROMO in order to understand their customer and drive the business forward with the backing of their investors. The implementation of kleene has given the team access to the data they need, when they need it, so that they can support their customers, gain investor trust and fast track growth.


Vromo has implemented a number of operational systems across the business to fulfil specific requirements and purposes. Each of these systems produce valuable data from an analysis and insight perspective. Unlocking that value from the data was previously a time consuming and manual process. This is of course expensive and inefficient, whilst also being open to risk from error arising from an absence of automation.


Eliminating manual processes through the automation of data pipelining and gaining access to insight with kleene SaaS and AaaS.


A single customer view, providing meaningful insight for our customers, the team and external reporting to our investors.



Hubspot, Xero, Elastic Search, Amplitude, Twilio.



  • Gaining speed to insight 

With data automated and dashboards established to gain an oversight on customers, orders and cancellations, VROMO has access to activity insight on a daily basis. As the business scales, adding multiple sites per week for each client, accessing key data without delay is vital. Prior to kleene, basic customer information, order numbers and cancellation rate took a long time to surface in any meaningful way as the team was reliant on multiple, disparate spreadsheets to manage their data.

“kleene has reduced the time spent on admin – we no longer spend days in spreadsheets, giving us more time to focus on driving decisions from the data and developing the product.”

  • Automating the reconciliation of accounts

The process of reconciling accounts is 6x quicker with kleene, saving 2.5 working days per month. Before, the finance team would reach month end and undertake a painful process of downloading, uploading and combining multiple spreadsheets to carry out billing. This was a tiring and laborious process, open to human error. With kleene, the process is simple, automated and accurate, providing trustworthy data, instantly updated without any manual labour required, saving time and money.

“Billing used to take two to three days, now it’s automated. This has made the process more accurate and reduced the time spent from three days, to half a day – a fraction of the time!” 

  • Understanding business metrics 

kleene has provided performance visibility, enabling management to streamline processes for each department; Finance, Sales and Operations. Not only has kleene enhanced the sales process and streamlined how the pipeline is managed, operations and the onboarding of customers has improved as a direct result of the data and analysis VROMO can access. 

“I’m data driven – I’ve seen how it supports all departments, not just finance. As Director of Finance it’s my responsibility to ensure that all departments are meeting their KPIs. With kleene I can easily set the metrics and see the data to support them, building a data driven environment in the team.” 

  • Building a data driven business 

With a structured, organised data infrastructure, customers are instantly classified and the performance of customers and regions are measured. The implementation of kleene has enabled all departments to come together, recognising and reviewing departmental metrics and gaining a holistic view of customer performance. 

“Our data backs up all of our decisions and informs our KPIs. As we continue on our data journey, we’ll soon be able to set the top 10 metrics and give all management access to the dashboards. As a result of kleene we have been able to spot missed opportunities and understand gaps within our business.”

  • Securing investor trust

With a complete and organised data infrastructure, VROMO can classify customers and extract crucial information to share with investors. Financial and strategic decisions are made as a result of data.

“Our key metrics are easily surfaced and shared with our board and investors, making reporting easy and taking the stress away from board reports.” 

  • Understanding the customer 

The infrastructure kleene has built for VROMO allows the team to better understand their customers, their lifecycle and the devices they use. Tracking customers throughout their lifecycle has resulted in improvements to the sales and customer success processes. Updates and upgrades are made to the platform as a direct result of this data.

VROMO Testimonial

“Accessing a single customer view across the business; customer number, revenue and orders, has been the biggest impact of kleene. With this information and a clear data infrastructure, we can answer investor questions with confidence. We are utilising the data surfaced to add value to our customers and improve our internal processes, reducing time spent on admin and ensuring accuracy across the board. Our experience couldn’t have been better – specialising in working with scale ups, kleene are able to provide advice to their clients, continuously adding value and going the extra mile.”