September 3, 2021

Implementing a data analytics infrastructure to build the foundations for business growth

  • Industry B2C Hospitality
  • Location Paris, France
  • Funding Round Series A
  • Data Stack kleene, Redshift, PowerBI
Pazzi Case Study |

Pazzi is a French start up producing pizzas made by robots across two Paris based restaurants. Preparing, cooking, slicing and boxing pizzas exclusively via robotics, Pazzi provides an automated service to customers, generating an array of data in the process. 

Prior to the implementation of kleene, Pazzi had rudimentary access to their data through their MySQL database. The data couldn’t be used as there was a lack of consistency between the product codes, names, quantity sold and the financial records. The team needed to gain visibility in order to empower growth – understand what to improve and provide data to stakeholders ranging from employees to investors. 


Accessing sales data to produce reliable reports on business activity – providing insight and empowering growth. 


Bringing all data sources into a data warehouse without engineers.


Trusted single version of the truth providing insight into sales data for business improvement and development.


Success Criteria

  1. Access business and sales data. 
  2. Implementation of understandable tools to give a real idea of the business. 
  3. Establish a set of reports on the product, commercials and finances which are consistent and match the accounting books.


  • Single source of truth for business development 

As a scale up focusing on building the best product, data for reporting wasn’t a priority. Prior to the implementation of kleene, the data that was accessible by the team wasn’t scalable, lacked coherence and consistency, resulting in data that wasn’t understandable by commercial users.  In the Build your Warehouse phase, kleene established the company domains to ensure the right data was brought together and made available for daily business use and future extraction for franchisees. 

“The data available existed in multiple locations, lacking consistency and coordination. The first step for kleene was to organise this data and make sense of it – now we can drill down to the right information which is consistent, correct and exhaustive.”

  • Accurate sales data that can be trusted 

Accessing and understanding sales data is vital for Pazzi as they prepare for their next round of funding and the expansion of the business. Pazzi’s MySQL database provided basic information but lacked the detail required and didn’t correspond with the accounts. kleene custom built the Sellsy connector in order to access all sales data, allowing the team to uncover discount rates and volume as well as average price. 

“As we prepare to raise for Series B and sell the robots to franchisees, we need to have consistent, understandable and secure data. Franchisees and investors need to know the number of sales we make and the impact of discounts on sales. Before kleene, we were blind to this data, but now we have access and insight.”

  • Understanding product opportunities through sales data 

In order to optimise their products and understand customer preferences, the Business Development Director wanted to gain insight on the top selling products. This data is now used to evaluate and understand product popularity, guiding the menu. 

“We’re still in the test and learn phase, so we need to assess each step with the data and  measure it against KPIs. This will give us insight on what we need to improve. We want to take possession of the data and make it scalable – adding connections and using the data for future restaurant developments.” 

  • Preparing data for the future 

In the early stages of businesses, it’s impossible to know what data may be required and how it may need to be applied as the business expands. By bringing together all of the data sources at an early stage, Pazzi has a single source of truth that they can continue to build on as they scale and gain further data sources. As the business expands, the data will be used to better understand their customers and market to them.

“We still don’t know what kind of data we will need in six months – the possibilities are endless. So we need the building bricks for the future, which the data warehouse provides. I want everyone in the company to be able to access key data, so  there will be two or three reports that will go to the whole company every week. This way all employees will understand the data in advance of meetings and use the insight to drive decisions and next steps.”

Pazzi Testimonial

“The most important thing you need when going to franchise or going to investors is data, and you need organised data. Now, through kleene, we have that. We are a young business when it comes to data and kleene completely accepted that – without judgement or a hint of superiority. The team completely understood where we were and guided us through the data journey with patience and support. Detailed follow-ups (which were always accurate and spot on) after each of our meetings throughout the process allowed me to share updates internally.”