April 28, 2021

Disrupting the industry: using data to compete with the major players

  • Industry Food delivery
  • Location London, UK
  • Funding Round Seed
  • Data Stack kleene, Snowflake,
Foodlum case study | kleene.ai

As a scale-up in the learning phase, Foodlum needed to measure and manage consumer and partner behaviours in order to uncover trends. Using kleene, the team can now access all of their data in the structure they need to obtain actionable data and gain valuable insight. Data and people are at the heart of Foodlum. The implementation of kleene has allowed the team to execute their vision of a data led, technology driven business. 


Understand and deliver choice through data which is fresh and actionable, whilst growing a lean, data focussed business.


Leveraging data into actionable insight, using kleene software. 


Data automation, empowering the CEO to spend more time building an efficient business with minimal waste.



  • Scalable solution 

As a fast growth start up, Foodlum is constantly acquiring new technology, adding new data sources to the business. The management of that data was impossible in a small team. With  kleene, the collection and transformation of the data has been automated and Foodlum continues to add new sources as they grow.

“Every time we acquire a new piece of tech, it’s connected, automated and transformed into actionable data –  I don’t even have to think about it.”

  • Confidence in marketing spend 

The single customer view provided by kleene allowed Foodlum to better understand their customers and the results of their marketing efforts. Recognising consumer behaviours and the typical profile of those that converted gave the business the knowledge and confidence in where to spend marketing pounds. 

“Now we know more about which types of customers convert, we can use this data to tighten targeting in our marketing efforts.”

  • Understanding stock levels and product movement 

Foodlum were looking to gain insight on all of their operations – understanding how, when and where their partners perform and the impact of this on their customers. Centralisation and transformation of their data sources through kleene, has given them a clear view on operations which they can use for forecasting and trend predictions, fast tracking growth. 

“We have rudimentary algorithms around stock movement and product profiles. In our next round of funding we will continue to build our data team to optimise the data kleene provides and focus on finding solutions for the business, providing predictive stock movements and ensuring that we are proactive in our work.”

  • Automation is key

Automating repeatable tasks, from data collection to visualisation, has enabled Foodlum to keep the team small and lean, using time much more effectively. The automation that kleene provides has given the CEO more time to focus on the business, rather than on data, and empowered the team to make data-led decisions faster. 

“Running a start-up is all encompassing. Any time I can save has an impact. kleene saves me hours every week, which I can use to focus on growing the business.”

  • Preparing for investment

Key metrics for the business are uncovered by kleene – the software transforms the data and carries out the calculations for the team. Consumer lifetime value and consumer behaviour are easily revealed, providing the team with the KPIs they need in accessible dashboards.All of this information is shared with current and potential investors, providing complete transparency.

“By implementing kleene at the early stages of building the business, we can provide our investors with strong data and go into funding rounds prepared and confident that we have carried out due diligence.” 

Foodlum Testimonial

kleene has allowed us to focus on building a great business, driven by data, to ensure operational efficiency and guarantee investor trust, without having to think about the data infrastructure. Having actionable data at our fingertips is paramount to making the right decisions and driving continued growth. kleene makes it easy to access data at the level of the major players with a team of just 6.