July 13, 2021

Building Blue Light Card’s Data Infrastructure without Engineers

  • Industry B2C Rewards
  • Location Loughborough, UK
  • Funding Round Private
  • Data Stack kleene, Redshift, Tableau
Blue Light Card Case Study | kleene.ai

Providing a discount service to emergency service workers, BLC partners include online and high street retailers, restaurants and cinemas. As their membership base grew to over 2.5 million, a Data and Insights team was established to analyse the vast amount of data generated from their engaged and ever growing membership. With a legacy database that was not fit for analytic purposes, the team looked to gain a single version of the truth through the implementation of a cloud data warehouse, ELT tool and data visualisation tool. 


Establishing a data infrastructure in one tool to gain a single version of the truth.


Creation of a data warehouse and implementation of kleene automated ELT tool.


A single version of the truth, giving people access to data quickly, easily, and providing key metrics within seconds, rather than days.


  • Automated data accessible by analysts

kleene provides both a SQL console and automated ELT, all in one app – removing the need to hire data engineers and putting data in the hands of analysts. The automation of transforms has enabled the team to access the data they need on a daily basis with all scheduling taking place overnight, saving time and resources.

“Looking at alternative tools to provide our API connections, such as Fivetran and Stitch wouldn’t provide an all in one solution. We decided on kleene as we wanted to build a scalable, robust data infrastructure, without using multiple tools.”

  • Data fuelling growth 

As the business underwent a period of high growth, they decided to establish a Data and Insights team to prioritise data and take the business to the next level. Uncovering granular insights around member behaviour and partnership engagement has allowed for audience segmentation and personalisation to be implemented.

“We’d be 6 months behind where we are right now if we didn’t have kleene in place. Looking forward, we can use the foundations we have set up with kleene to develop our analytical capabilities and data science capability – build segmentations that enable us to send the right message to the right member at the right time.”

  • Speed to insight

Migrating from a legacy database to a modern data stack, including a cloud data warehouse, kleene and Tableau, has saved the team hours. The previous system required a lot of manual work which was laborious and open to human error. Establishing the team has been a quick and simple process with kleene as there’s nothing but SQL required- new hires have been able to get straight into the data from day one, without a steep learning curve. 

“When I joined BLC it took half an hour to load one report and data was difficult to access all in one go. Now I can access data in less than a minute with our transforms running in 10-15mins. This is down to kleene taking away a lot of the manual loading and ‘plumbing’ and the power of our data warehouse and visualisation tool doing the rest.”

  • Building the board report 

With kleene connected to Tableau, everyone in the business can access dashboards and reports, gaining insight. kleene empowers heads of functions to access the data they need in a quick and simple way, providing metrics to shareholders with ease.

“Through using kleene, we know everyone has the same numbers due to the version control in kleene. When we present to our board and shareholders, we’re able to open their eyes to data they’ve never seen before or data they’ve not been able to access this quickly and easily previously.”

Blue Light Card Testimonial

“The biggest impact of the kleene project has been putting metrics and data into people’s hands quickly, easily and efficiently – now the team has access to metrics in seconds, rather than a day or two later. We can see the data we need on a daily or even hourly basis, and we haven’t had to hire a large data team. It provides us an all in one platform, rather than needing three or four different tools. ”