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  • Clojure Data Engineer

    £40,000 – £60,000 depending on experience

    What would be your dream job? How about one where you can work remotely and spend your time working with Clojure? How about one where your voice will be heard and you can help shape the tools that are built? If so, this could be the job you’re looking for!

    The Role

    We are currently expanding our connectors team and are looking for someone with strong Clojure skills and experience of working with APIs and databases. You will be helping to expand the number of data ingests that we offer our clients inside our app. 

    The app enables clients to interact with the data in their warehouse and schedule the ingestion of data from other sources and carry out transformations on it. We have an ambitious roadmap which you will be helping us deliver.

    About you

    You will have strong development skills (extra points if you’re a polyglot), enjoy problem solving and accept that things occasionally break and will need fixing.

    We’re looking for someone who has experience of bringing back data from APIs and SDKs such as Facebook, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Google Ads, etc. Some of the data sources will be client databases, so experience of SQL is critical. In some cases, you will need to crawl through API documentation before you can write a single line of code, so a methodical approach is required. Experience of working with OAuth and real time data ingestion would also be very beneficial.

    The work can sometimes be fast paced so a cool head and a can-do attitude is a must.

    Our Tech Stack

    We love Clojure/Clojurescript and want to use it for everything, so almost all of our backend code is written in Clojure, and we use a mix of CLJS and JS on the front end. For our data ingestion jobs, we have some internal libraries to deal with a lot of the boilerplate code as well as our own internal service for automating the deployment and UI. 

    We recently introduced Kafka into our processes as well, and are using this for real time data ingestion, but are looking to move some of our other ingestion jobs over to it as well.

    All of our code is deployed in AWS and we make use of hosted services so that we can focus on the code and not worry about the hardware.

    About us  is a fast-growing startup that has been operating for over 4 years and was established with the goal of revolutionising data. We believe that all companies, regardless of size, should be able to easily access and understand their data. Our goal is to provide clients with the ability to access any of their data sources from within a simple interface without any technical knowledge.

    This is an exciting time to join us, the number of clients we have is continuing to grow and we’re expecting to increase the dev team further in the coming months.

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