Why NOW is the right time to do data

Data is no longer supplementary, it is the beating heart of business success. Building an effective data infrastructure, far from a side-quest, is the foundational investment. It is the decision that enables all future decisions to be made with clarity and confidence. Data does not need to be a word you wince at, it is the tool that transforms the potential of your business.

This being said, it can be difficult to know the best time to make an investment. When starting and scaling-up a business, it is understandable to be conscious of resources. Every decision you make must be justified; the true benefits and risks clearly mapped out. When the smallest misstep can set your business back, most don’t want to jump too soon.

But there is a cost to waiting. Too many businesses are held back by misconceptions about utilising data effectively. Some are convinced it requires writing code endlessly or spending big on a team to build their infrastructure from the ground up. In truth, data has never been easier to implement – you can never be too early.

Don’t put off your push towards data.

Data should not impede your innovation, it should enable it. We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling in meetings when asked about numbers we don’t know, feedback we haven’t received and spends we’ve lost track of. The hours spent wrestling with a data process that is inaccurate, inefficient and untrustworthy. It’s demoralising.

Ignoring the problem, putting off your data project, only allows this feeling to grow. Think about how many impressions, clicks, visits, bounces and purchases it takes to build a successful business. The faster your business grows, the more sources of data to be lost, muddled and confused. The gaps in your data get larger and the answers to your questions arrive later. Critical measurements, such as establishing return on investment (ROI), become impossible calculations.

When your data process should be ready to scale at the speed of your business, it is slowed by misleading feedback loops, human errors and biases. When you should be developing a clear external brand and vision for your business, you are instead left unpicking the internal chaos of data silos and repetitive, fragmentary processes.

Refining your business for rapid growth.

What could your business potential be with centralised data, piping in regularly and automatically from all of your sources, creating an exhaustive single repository of actionable information?

A single source of truth allows you to ask complex questions fast and act on the answers even faster; to focus on extracting insight as you refine your business for rapid growth at minimal cost.

Resources can be allocated efficiently as the numbers, facts and feedback finally serve you. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) put the typical savings between 10% and 25% when optimising your marketing spend through data.

With kleene.ai the process of data transformation can be quick, simple and automated. Our platform takes away the engineering complexity and offers complete autonomy to your analysts. Fully automated and lightning fast, it offers 10x the speed to insight and value.

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