Top 3 features of kleene

kleene is a SaaS ELT tool, built for BI and analytics. We provide scale-ups with the data infrastructure to build their Data Lake and Data Warehouse in hours, not months.

Our SQL only platform enables analysts to generate business insight in seconds and allows data engineers to focus on building data products and productionising data science.

The true power of kleene is providing ELT in one easy to use, simple platform. Collecting, centralising and transforming data in one application saves time and resources. Transforms can be scheduled as often as every 5 minutes and the process requires only an analyst, not vast data teams.

Considering kleene for your ELT solution? Read on to discover the top 3 features of the kleene app.

1. One-click data source connectors

Whether it’s your transactional database, CRM, ERP, finance tool or a simple Google Sheet, kleene offers the ability to build a data pipeline in seconds. Firstly, click the logo you want to pull data from and then input your credentials. Next, decide which data is important and how often you want to pull it. And that’s it. It really is that easy!

Gone are the days of hard-coding, cron jobs and pipeline maintenance. has done all of this so you don’t have to! Our record is a fully-built cloud data lake and warehouse in 35 minutes, with 8 data sources connected and all of the extracts built… We challenge you to beat us!

2. kleene transforms automatic dependencies with ease

Unique to the market, our transform layer reads SQL in real time with no compile or run. When transforms are created in the kleene app, the dependencies and DAG are created automatically. By automating the most complex and time consuming aspects of ELT, kleene makes preparing and organising your data for BI and analysis easy.

kleene provides the DAG as a visual representation, subsequently allowing the end user to walk through the transform process end-to-end and make changes to the structure of the data with ease. Our simple UI empowers users to engage with their data and understand how tables interact. The SQL scripts saved in kleene are automatically run, without additional commands required. This makes the process simple and fast in contrast to other transform tools, which demand additional front end functions.

3. Full coverage of data connector estate

No matter your data source, we’ll custom build the connector for you, to ensure complete coverage. This is vital for scaling businesses above all. As you grow, you’ll implement further systems (all generating more data), which need to be connected in order to attain a single source of truth.  Pre-built connectors are rarely adapted to meet your needs. This can result in dark data for your business – subsequently compromising your single source of truth. We fix this by guaranteeing full coverage of even the most ‘out there’ sources!

The impact of kleene helps scaling businesses build their data lake and warehouse in hours, create their single source of truth and democratise data. Connected to a BI tool, business users can uncover insight from their data in moments and have the full story of their company constantly updating on dashboards.

Want to see it in action? Book a demo today to see how kleene can help your business build a single version of the truth.