Doing data right – why data is important from day one in a scale up

Learn why doing data right is important from day one – especially in a scale up! Up your insights and fast track growth with data done well.

Start up life is all consuming. As the founder you wear many hats – CEO, CFO, COO, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Customer Service… the list goes on! As you grow and acquire a multitude of systems – financial, marketing, operations, CRM, CMS – you start to build up a range of data. This data is useful. 

But, data is only valuable if it is used to inform decisions. For this to happen, the data needs to be accessible and usable. You can build a data driven business, where crucial decisions are powered by data, not gut feel, if you harness your data from the outset.

Why do data right?

  1. One single source of truth – Essential for gaining a complete view of your business, answering critical questions and building a data driven environment. By building this early, when you have fewer data sources, you’ll set the foundations for your growth. As your scale-up expands and adds new systems (bringing vast amounts of data with them), you’ll simply connect the source to your data warehouse.
  2. Democratisation of data – Put data in the hands of the people that need it, when they want it. Setting up a strong data infrastructure in a cloud data warehouse and connecting it to a BI tool ensures that everyone within the business can access the data they need, without having to go through a data or IT team.
  3. Single customer view – Understanding your customer is key to success. Building a single customer view will allow you to see your customer and their journey, providing insight.

How to do data right

  1. Collect all of your data – Leave no data siloed! Bring all of your data together.
  2. Centralise your data – Leverage the storage of a cloud based data warehouse to house your data.
  3. Connect your data – Apply your business logic.
  4. Create dashboards – Use your preferred BI tool to visualise your data, create reports and analyse the data.

kleene automates the entire process – providing an end to end data solution that will scale with you. ELT automated and in the hands of analysts. All you need to do is plug in your favourite BI tool. No need for engineering, no code, no programming.

The scalable solution

The kleene solution was built for scale ups. Our founders have experienced the data challenge that companies face and wanted to level the playing-field. was founded to support scale-ups in maximising the return from their data, without having to divert excessive resources to this task. Large companies have full data teams, with kleene, you only need an Analyst.

With kleene, you can accelerate past the data engineering and data modelling challenges that are blocking you from extracting insights and measurements from the data your company relies on.

Unlike our competitors, we charge by connector, not row of data. This ensures a predictable, manageable cost of ownership, that doesn’t tax your growth.

Want to know more? Find out what kleene data means for the CEO, CFO and CTO to see the value of data to key stakeholders.

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