Data usage: Live insights is all about unifying your data sources such that reporting can be automated, analysis is empowered and data produced in your business is utilised to maximum value. Our website and lots of our blogs talk extensively about how we go about that but we’ve also been focusing on what this stuff empowers.

We’ve talked about automating financial reporting, optimising your marketing spend and preparing for due diligence with data. There are lots more “data usage” posts to follow so keep reading! This time, let’s explore the possibilities that lie in empowered analysis.

The Wrong Way

The cliché is that data professionals spend 80% of their time wrestling with data before they can even get to anything of direct value in the form of analysis or insight. Implementing tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Looker or any other data visualisation software does not resolve this – if anything, the situation is exacerbated. Another layer has been introduced, removing the earnest data explorer further from the challenge that needs resolving.


Imagine an ecosystem where all of that data wrangling is automated, scheduled and runs overnight so the data is kleene (see what we did there?) and ready for use each morning.

Your smart analysts and data scientists can spend all of their time asking and answering the burning questions for your business.

We’re not talking about reporting –

We’re talking about analysis.

Or more importantly:

That is analysis.

You know the questions you want to ask. With all the data centralised and sorted, you are equipping your data analytics professionals with everything they need to succeed.

Ask them a question and have them answer it seconds later. Explore the data with them in real-time.

“Show me orders by product type. Ok, break that down by geography. Add in customer demographics and previous order history. What are the levers we can pull on to get out lower value customers to order more and spend more?”

10 minutes of live exploration, actionable insight derived, and a plan can be made, tested and iterated.

It truly is data utopia. Except it’s realistic and within reach.

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