Switching the light on ‘dark data’ – building a single source of truth

Harnessing your data is integral to growing your business. Data driven businesses experience high growth because they’re able to make informed strategic decisions to drive the business forward. In order to do this, and become a truly data-driven business, ‘dark data’ must be eliminated.

So, what is ‘dark data’ exactly?

  • Data that is collected but isn’t used.
  • Data that is collected and used, but isn’t centralised within an organisation’s data architecture. 

What’s the issue with it?

Dark data results in missed opportunities and a lack of understanding as business users aren’t able to see the full picture. Without one central location for data, Analysts can end up spending far more of their time collecting, cleaning and managing data, rather than pulling insight from it, wasting time and resources.

Where does dark data live? 

Any siloed data, that is to say, data that isn’t being collected in one single location, is dark data. In most businesses this is typically Excel spreadsheets/Google sheets, CRMs, marketing sources and finance systems etc.

How can you switch the light on dark data? 

Firstly you need to identify where your dark data is. Businesses tend to collate a lot of data in offline sources. To make this valuable, it needs centralising. Are you using an Excel spreadsheet to track customer orders? Is your CRM connected to any other data sources?

Pulling all of your data into one single source of truth in a cloud data warehouse shines a light on this data. Critical business questions can be addressed quickly and easily with a comprehensive and complete view of an organisation’s data.

The kleene.ai solution

Firstly, you need to know where all of your data resides and access it. Once you have access to that data, it needs to be pulled into one place where it can be centralised, transformed and made useful.

Enter kleene.ai. Our solution is simple with one application, creating a home for data processing. Connect all your data sources to your central lake with our simple user interface. Next, implement your business logic quickly and simply. Schedule everything and then we will handle the dependencies, version control, logging and alerting.

What’s the impact of shining a light on dark data? 

  • One single version of truth 
  • Data is accurate and reliable
  • All teams and business functions can easily access data 
  • Reporting becomes quick and easy
  • Data modelling enabled
  • Creates a data driven environment

Creating a central view of your data facilitates business access, insights and decision making. Data democratisation is key – if everyone has access to the data they need, when they need it, without having to go through the data or IT team, business decisions can be made with confidence, quickly.

By accessing live data, removing data bottlenecks and putting data in the hands of Analysts, you can get the best out of your data.

Data Engineers and Scientists can then use their time to build models and productionise data science, rather than building and maintaining pipelines.

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