• Data engineering is the bottleneck to value

    Every company is unique. Every successful company has a USP and specific domain expertise held by their employees that must be nurtured and empowered if success is to continue. What is not unique is the challenge of getting the relevant data into the hands of those employees. That is plumbing. Complicated, sometimes messy, often nuanced plumbing, but plumbing nonetheless.

  • In-house solutions are slow, expensive and fragile

    kleene.ai was founded to support you in maximising the return from your data without having to divert excessive resources to this task. Large companies have dozens of data engineers, database administrators, analysts and data scientists. How can you compete? The answer is kleene.ai.

SaaS platform for data value creators

  • Connect to everything

  • No learning curve

  • Execute up to 10x faster

Accelerate past the data engineering and data modelling challenges that are blocking you from extracting insights and measurements from the data your company relies on. Rely on our vast experience and proven success at delivering data platforms that scale with your business to get your analysts and decision-makers connected to the data that matters.